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Our Focus

We help doctors in busy hospital settings learn complex medical procedures, thereby improving patient care and saftey. We aim to make procedural medicine simpler and more approachable through advanced data management and analytics.
Optimized learning

Get timely and actionable performance feedback, with data-driven guidance for how to improve.

Case logging

Firefly can automatically log your cases for you, so your record will always be valid and up to date.

Case analytics

Compare your case status to your peers and to your educational program requirements.

Targeted content

Receive high-quality, curated, relevant educational material that is matched to your clinical schedule.

Some of our Partners

We work with several surgical departments and partners to simplify their surgeons' workflows, improve surgical education, and facilitate research projects.
U Iowa Health
Maine Med
Indiana School of Medicine
Intermountain Healthcare
Denver Health
Duke Health
Baystate Health
UConn Health
George Washington Hospital
UNMC Health
Atrium Health
St. Joseph Health
St. Mary's
Queen's Health
Healthcare Blocks

How Firefly Works

Firefly innovates at the intersection of medicine, informatics, graduate medical education, and learning theory. We facilitate active participation from a number of key contributors.
Accelerate your residents' learning, and measure their progress.

The Firefly platform makes it easy to gather operative performance data for your residents and provide them with valuable feedback from your teaching faculty. By making evaluations accessible and quick, the platform has built a strong track record for increasing faculty participation in educational initiatives.

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Thrive with high-quality feedback, and automate your case logging.

The hospital operative setting is unfortunately so busy that educational activities are often pushed to the backburner or forgotten. This delay leaves many residents and fellows guessing how well they did in a case, and what they could have done better. By making evaluations easy, the Firefly platform increases the quality and timeliness of your feedback. This quick feedback loop helps you to understand how to improve your operative skills in a directed and efficient manner.

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Save time with a smart digital assistant and tools for MOC

With ever increasing time and workload demands, it's challending to stay on top of tracking your case logs and maintenace of certification (MOC) requirements. As a smart assistant, Firefly takes care of much of this for you, so you can focus on more important clinical matters.

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Help your workforce save valuable time and avoid burnout

One major cause of doctor burnout is burdensome, redundant data-entry. Firefly automates away several data-entry chores, freeing up your team's time and letting them focus on their passion: caring for patients. By connecting data across multiple, disparate data systems that weren't designed to talk to each other, the platform removes some of the friction blocking program innovation and workflow optimization. Firefly has already saved tens of thousands of hours for some of the hospital's busiest (and most expensive) clinical people, and helped them to use their time on higher-priority (and more billable) clinical endeavors.

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Use much higher-quality data for research and policies

Case log data are vitally important, not only for individual residents, but to training programs, accreditation, and governance and policy making at a national level. However, attendings and residents are generally too busy and overwhelmed to log cases well. They race through the chore, forgetting many cases or logging them incorrectly.

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Improve learning across your department

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About Us

Our Mission:

To transform how healthcare information is created, consumed, and utilized for medical education and patient care.

What we do:

Every day, Firefly helps busy doctors learn complex procedures better in a chaotic hospital environment, where educational goals have to compete for limited time and attention with a myriad of clinical and documentation responsibilities. We remove barriers in practice workflow, mentor access, and data access, in order to build tailored and optimized approaches to medical education. We use learning theory, data science, software engineering, and expert guidance to make the process of learning difficult material convenient and achievable.

Why the name "Firefly"?

Fireflies have fascinating behavior. When they gather in large numbers, their blinking patterns gradually become coordinated and synchronized. Their section of a forest starts to pulse with light, although no individuals are controlling or coordinating the event. This is an example of a phenomenon named emergence, where complex patterns naturally arise out of very simple components. We think this is a good metaphor for driving beneficial behavior in a hospital, by helping busy clinicians coordinate across their services and departments, in order to make the whole system more efficient and effective.