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About Us.

Firefly Lab is a collaborative effort amongst clinicians and scientists forged in order to identify and develop innovative solutions for the intersection of medicine and informatics. Our interests range from organization level information system architecture to data-driven resource allocation to customized knowledge delivery to individuals and groups. We believe in an agile, test-driven development process. We apply these principles throughout the entire spectrum of our project life cycles, from idea generation to product development.

Our Focus.

We aim to make surgery simpler and better through data management and analytics.
Easy scheduling

Access and manage your surgical schedule easily, securely, and quickly, even from your phone.

Case logging

Firefly can automatically log your cases for you, so your record will always be valid and up to date.

Case analytics

Compare your case status to your peers and to your educational program requirements.

Targeted education

Find, organize, and share relevant educational material. And subscribe to a targeted data feed.

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Our Team.

Building a better surgery experience
Said Kholov
Senior Software Engineer