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Master surgical training faster.

Accelerated Procedural Learning

Master your surgical procedures. Get timely, actionable feedback from expert surgical educators.

Prescriptive Learning

Get timely and actionable performance feedback, with data-driven guidance for how to improve.

Case Logging

Firefly can automatically log your cases for you, so your record will always be valid and up to date.

Case Analytics

Compare your case status to your peers and to your educational program requirements.

Targeted Content

Receive high-quality, curated, relevant educational material that is matched to your clinical schedule.

Patented and Proven

Firefly technology and methodology has been proven across many residency programs and teaching institutions. In order to reach all medical and surgical learners, we have patent protected several important concepts:

  • Assigning an extrustability score or autonomy score to a medical/surgical professional or trainee
  • An educational data management system (platform) for tracking medical, clinical, and procedural performance
  • Selecting appropriate evaluations based on clinical and surgical situations, including OR schedules
  • Aggregating evaluations and building learning curves
  • Using learning curves to create learning plans
  • Using learning curves to measure surgical and procedural skill, autonomy, and entrustability
  • Using statistical and deep learning models to apply a skill/entrustability score to a medical professional

If you would like to collaborate and/or use these helpful concepts, please feel free to reach out to us. We welcome research, academic, and industry partners to work together for our common goal of optimizing medical education.

For Program Directors
Accelerate your residents' learning, and measure their progress.
For Residents and Fellows
Thrive with high-quality feedback, and automate your case logging.
For Surgeons & Physicians
Save time with a smart digital assistant and tools for MOC
For Departments & Hospitals
Help your workforce save valuable time and avoid burnout
For Accreditation and Policy in Medical Education
Use much higher-quality data for research and policies

Improve learning across your department

Academic Research

At Firefly, we and our collaborators are committed to improving medical education. We have published several peer-reviewed articles and given talks at surgical conferences, showing how an integrated medical platform helps residents learn better and become independent in the O.R. earlier.

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Some of our Partners

We work with several surgical departments and partners to simplify their surgeons' workflows, improve surgical education, and facilitate research projects.

U Iowa Health
Intermountain Healthcare
Maine Med
Indiana School of Medicine
Denver Health
Duke Health
Baystate Health
UConn Health
George Washington Hospital
UNMC Health
Atrium Health
St. Joseph Health
St. Mary's
Queen's Health